Our involvement planted its roots over 25 years ago. Has extensive experience and knowledge in the mattress making industry for many years and is among the best mattress exporters in and out of the country. Herbal Fame incorporates research and development as well as production and market in the full management system. After 3 years of research, Herbal Fame has received a tremendous response and overwhelming feedback from many of their friends and relatives. Herbal Fame have patented Herbal mattress. After 6 months of launching the Herbal mattress, we have since grown into the manufacturing of mattress products and maintain a dynamic profile, keeping pace with business trends both at home and abroad. Herbal Fame was very famous among customers in peninsular Malaysia especially in Perak, Kedah, Perlis and Penang.

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Naturally, Herbal Fame Sdn. Bhd planned more new product releases to support the virtual presence here such as adventure into Herbal Medical products.  I hope Herbal Fame Sdn. Bhd will continue the excellent work in coming years to come. Herbal Fame Sdn.Bhd. With our talented people of various qualifications,  experience and background, coupled with a positive  investment climate, our ventures have proven viable and profitable. Herbal Fame Sdn Bhd  takes pride in its diverse strength which in turn acts as a catalyst for greater growth.  I would like to thank and congratulate to all our customers, executives, staffs and the entire for continuous support on Herbal Fame products.


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